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Serve Your Communities Now and Into the Future

Community matters. Your library inspires, influences, and benefits the lives of individuals in your communities, and the Polaris Integrated Library System provides the foundation for your success.

The Polaris ILS is designed from the ground up to provide a robust and scalable software solution with powerful staff tools and an intuitive experience for patrons. Built on a Microsoft SQL server database platform with documented APIs, the Polaris ILS is open to connections: with your patrons and their social media, with third-party vendors, and with resources beyond your walls.

The future of library services is Open.

Extend your library. The responsive Polaris Leap Web Application can be used on a traditional computer, laptop, or a tablet, providing access to public services staff work-flows beyond the desk and a mobile connection with your communities wherever they are.

Integrate your system. Provide seamless patron access to resources by utilizing INN-Reach or a consortium network; direct patron access to 3M™ Cloud Library, OverDrive®, and Axis 360 eContent; and APIs that power direct connections to outside systems.

Be social. Enhance patron discovery via a search box on your Facebook page, ChiliFresh patron book reviews, and local community profiles and events integrated into search results.

Customize your PAC. Present a library-branded PAC that flows effortlessly from your library website and highlights the content you know your community wants, such as top new titles or items on order.

Keep patrons connected. Tools such as search alerts, fine estimators, and reading history, patrons can easily manager their accounts.

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Innovative is Open

We recognize the power of open system architecture with APIs and cloud optimization to ensure our system is open, scalable, and extensible for the future. Visit the Polaris Developer Network for resources to build your own Polaris-integrated applications for the web, desktop and mobile devices.

Case Study: Illinois Heartland Library System Runs Largest North American Consortium on Polaris

In 2011, libraries in the state of Illinois were at a crossroads. Four regional library systems, representing four sets of consortia, were experiencing financial constraints despite the growing needs of member libraries and their patrons. After discussing how the four independent organizations could work together, their initial strategy focused on sharing resources at the administrative… Read more »

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