No question about it, libraries continue to do more with less. When situations arise that need special attention, Innovative’s experienced specialists—with extensive library and IT expertise—will help you take full advantage of your library’s technology investment and implement effective solutions that will save you time and money. From a one-time consultation to a system integration to ongoing assistance, Innovative can design a service package that is customized to the exact needs of your library. Please see below for a description of our training, consulting, staff augmentation, support, hosting and API consulting needs.

Whatever situation your library is facing, Innovative will offer options to see you through. Together, we’ll ensure that you are getting the most of your Innovative system.


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Wherever you are, whatever kind of library you run, our librarians and technical analysts will be there for you. For access to support resources and information including the solutions Knowledge Base, Help Desk, announcements and more, log in to the Supportal

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