Customer Support

Through providing best-in-class customer support services, Innovative has retained over 98% of its installed customer base throughout its many years of doing business. Innovative sets the industry standard with half of the company’s employees – librarians, technologists, and library-technology industry veterans – dedicated exclusively to service and support. Support is offered directly from Innovative during implementation and post-implementation. Innovative Interfaces is the point of first contact for all problem analysis and inquiries.

Innovative provides every customer with 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year system critical support. Live telephone coverage and email communication is provided at all hours.

Wherever you are, whatever kind of library you run, we will be there for you.


For access to support resources and information including the solutions knowledgebase, Help Desk, announcements and more, log in to the Customer Supportal.


Mobile Worklists Support

You can use the following methods for Mobile Worklists support:

Email the Help Desk at or
Call the Help Desk at 1-800-444-2344



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Professional Services

Innovative’s experienced specialists—with extensive library and IT expertise—will help you take full advantage of your library’s technology investment and implement effective workflows that will save you time and money. From a one-time consultation to ongoing assistance, Innovative can design a service package that is customized to the exact needs of your library.

Whatever situation your library is facing, Innovative will offer options to see you through. Together, we’ll ensure that you are getting the most of your Innovative system.

Implementation Services

Innovative works with you extensively during all phases of your initial system implementation, including software installation, training, database profiling, indexing, and project management. Throughout your implementation, a team of specialists partner with your library staff to ensure a smooth and efficient transition for your library. A data-profiling analyst will offer advice on indexing and profiling, while other members of the team provide training, workflow analysis, technical support, and overall project coordination. Implementation Services staff includes highly experienced professionals that are located around the globe to provide quality implementations for libraries of all types, sizes, locations, and languages.

Once your system is up and running, implementation services are also available for system expansion projects and new products.

Expert Services: Unique Solutions for Your Library

Innovative’s comprehensive range of Expert Services—from customized consulting to “we-do-it-for-you” assistance—is designed to meet the needs of the modern library. As libraries continue to do more with less, Innovative offers the cost-effective, extra help you need to accomplish your library’s goals and fulfill its vision. Expert Services are flexible and are available on a one-time or long-term basis.

 Services Resource:

Fact Sheet: Expert Services

Workflow Consulting

By examining your current workflows, Innovative will identify opportunities for improvement and suggest changes that will increase efficiency.

Library Management Consulting

Innovative will help you get the information you need to make better decisions, plan for the future, and successfully manage library and system changes.

System Tune-up Services

Innovative provides several services that will ensure your library is making use of recently added features and your system is configured for optimal performance.

Managed Services

Extend staff resources by having Innovative do the job for you. Innovative can launch new features, refresh existing features, or provide management services for your system or project. Our professionals have been contracted to provide assistance when staff are out on leave, or to provide a level of ongoing support during a recruitment period. Depending on your library’s needs and activity level, you may want as few as five hours per month up to full time.


Keeping pace with the rapidly changing and growing demands of your users is more than a full-time job. Innovative’s Cloud Services provide relief from headaches resulting from issues with installation, management, and maintenance of applications and software on your premises. We guarantee 99.9% availability at world-class data centers, in North America and beyond, so you can get back to focusing on your users.

With Cloud Services, we take full responsibility for all the software, system, and security services by hosting the solution in highly secure data centers to ensure our applications are available and performing optimally for your use. Not only is configuration and maintenance included, but proactive performance monitoring and tuning around-the-clock come standard. Should any aspect of your Cloud Services require attention, our objective is to take action before you notice anything. If you need assistance with application availability or performance, our technical support team strives to respond within one hour.

Hosted Services Resources:

Fact Sheet: Cloud Hosted Services

FAQ Sheet: The Innovative Move to Amazon Web Services

Case Study: Rodman Public Library Increases Efficiency by Migrating to a Hosted Solution

Case Study: University of Essex Embraces Modern Workflow With Cloud-based Sierra


Training & Continuing Education

Training for New Customers

View our workshops now to review a complete calendar, see details and register.

Innovative tailors its informative, practical, and comprehensive training program to meet the goals and structure of each unique implementation. The ultimate goal of all training is to make learning our software solution simple. Innovative’s unique training method integrates several techniques—on site, train-the-trainer, and web-based methods are all used—to address different learning styles, from the visual to the verbal. Our training program has been carefully designed to give all library staff, regardless of their technical background, an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to using our software.

Training Services Resources:

Brochure: Training Services for Sierra & Millennium Library Partners

To ensure your staff is properly trained and can fully operate your Millennium or Sierra solution, we offer a variety of training services—online or onsite—to help you navigate your system.


Brochure: Training Services for Polaris Library Partners

To ensure your staff is properly trained and can fully operate your Polaris solution, we offer a variety of training services—online or onsite—to help you navigate your system.


Brochure: Managed Services for Sierra or Millennium

Libraries can contract for Managed Services as a way to replace or augment staff. Our professionals have been contracted to provide assistance when staff are out on leave, to provide a level of ongoing support during a recruitment period, or to manage system implementations.


Brochure: Workflow Consulting

With Innovative’s Workflow Consulting services, an experienced Senior Library Training Consultant
will visit your library to examine your current workflows, identify opportunities for improvement, and suggest changes to increase efficiency.


Brochure: API Success Services

API Success Services are designed for libraries who strive to offer better user experiences, but don’t have the expertise or resources to integrate with Polaris or Sierra on their own.

Continuing Education: Innovative University

Innovative University (InnoU) offers a complete range of training services that enhance library staff skills and capabilities, and ensure that libraries get the most out of their Innovative technologies. From low-cost online trainings to comprehensive certificate-level programs, InnoU can tailor trainings to meet your library’s individual needs. InnoU offerings include:


Workshops provide an opportunity for hands-on learning on topics such as OPAC Administration, System Administration, and Statistical Reporting. These 1-3 day workshops are typically held online or in-person at a regional location. Workshop sizes are limited to maximize the learning experience.

View our workshop calendar for complete workshop details and to register.

Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are available for free to all customers who want to learn more about a particular product or feature. Designed for both novice and experienced users, the tutorials can quickly introduce you to a product or help you learn it better. The tutorials are available online or can be downloaded to a local workstation.

On-site Training

If a library desires additional training, Innovative offers standard and customized on-site training that can be used to reinforce previous training sessions, address topics in more depth, or to provide training for new staff. These courses are offered on-site to maximize staff involvement.

Web-based Training

Web-based training is offered as an option for topics that may only require a couple of hours to cover. This is a cost-efficient alternative to on-site training and offers our customers the expert assistance of our Library Training Consultants.

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