A Thriving Library Begins with your People

Investing in talented staff and world-class software products means your library has the capacity to thrive—and with our training services, you will.

Workshops and Bootcamps

Throughout the year, Innovative product experts lead live workshops and bootcamps in our virtual classroom and onsite with our customers.

Topics include cataloging essentials, SQL reporting, metadata workflows, and modernizing MARC and linked data. Examples of functions you may study include managing a fiscal close, how to pull a custom report, and how to add a library branch.


Onsite and Online Training

To ensure your staff is properly trained and can fully operate your ILS solution, we offer a variety of services to help you navigate your system. Training is led by an experienced Senior Library Training Consultant at your library or online.

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Customized Training

To create a training agenda tailored to your specific needs, conduct a group training event, or hire Innovative training experts to work with you at your library, we provide customized training services.

Contact us to discuss your options.



We offer Sierra or Polaris certification programs designed to give your administrators and technical services managers skills and knowledge that will empower them to successfully navigate their ILS. Certification requires the completion of a combination of workshops and trainings.

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Learn more about Polaris Certification


Training Subscriptions

Training subscriptions come in two options: 10 hours of training per year or two days of training per year. Both Training Subscriptions can be used for toptics such as best practices, workflow consulting, refresher training to stay up to date on new functions, and to identify opportunities for improvement and efficiency. Training subscriptions do not accrue/roll over.


Workflow Consulting

Innovative’s Workflow Consulting services include a visit to your library to examine your current workflows, identify opportunities for improvement, and suggest changes to increase efficiency.

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Build the Skills You Need, When You Need Them

To get the most out of your ILS investment, we recommend our customers create an annual training calendar each year to keep up to date with the current release of their ILS and new features. Contact us if you’d like help designing a training schedule for your staff.

FAQ About Training and Certification

Will Innovative design a custom course or workshop for me?

If you’ve reviewed our training schedule and don’t see the topic you would like to cover, please contact us so we can design a custom course for you.

Will Innovative conduct a group training for my team?

If you would like to schedule training for a group at your organization, please contact us so we can craft a program for your team.

Can I contract Innovative to augment my staff?

Whether you need ongoing support or a short-term solution, our managed services can give your team extra help running your ILS.

Talk to a sales consultant

To get pricing or answers to your questions about our products, contact us.