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Keeping pace with the rapidly changing and growing demands of your users is more than a full-time job. Innovative’s Cloud Services provide relief from headaches resulting from issues with installation, management, and maintenance of applications and software on your premises. We guarantee 99.9% availability at world-class data centers, in North America and beyond, so you can get back to focusing on your users.

With Cloud Services, we take full responsibility for all the software, system, and security services by hosting the solution in highly secure data centers to ensure our applications are available and performing optimally for your use. Not only is configuration and maintenance included, but proactive performance monitoring and tuning around-the-clock come standard. Should any aspect of your Cloud Services require attention, our objective is to take action before you notice anything. If you need assistance with application availability or performance, our technical support team strives to respond within one hour.

An AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner

Innovative is an APN Advanced Technology Partner. This means we are able to provide key capabilities to libraries including global reach and scale of infrastructure and cloud-powered security in addition to tools, training and support in cloud computing.

Case Study: University of Essex Turns to Open, Cloud-based Sierra to Streamline Workflows

The University of Essex has been an Innovative library partner since 1995, to help fulfill their founding vision of “a new kind of university… where students could live and learn… and research really mattered.” With an effective library management system that was well-suited for their needs, the university excelled, providing over 13,000 undergraduate and postgraduate… Read more »

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