Four decades, and we’re just getting started

Since 1978, we have routinely introduced new technology to the library industry. The lessons we’ve learned, the ways we’ve grown and expanded, and the tenets we stand by have made us the leader in library management solutions.

40 years

of game changing
software development

25 percent

of staff are librarians


Innovative libraries in
the world today

Freedom to Do More

Our solutions create efficiencies that significantly reduce workload, enabling librarians to focus on their most significant responsibilities. We’re also the world’s only independent library solution provider, which means:

When using our discovery solutions, librarians and patrons can access any and all information they seek. That’s because we can partner with any and all publishers and content sources.

We can build solutions that integrate with any other software in your library system—even our competitors’. In fact, we encourage and support the development of APIs that allow our customers to adapt our solutions to their workflows and dev stacks. We’re not beholden to anyone’s rules but our own.

We serve the leaders of tomorrow’s libraries.

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