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Welcome to the Polaris News newsletter! This issue we have a message from Customer Care, talk about the latest in Polaris, LX Starter news, and upcoming events and opportunities for learning.


It was lovely to see many of you at our IUG conference, and I always enjoy getting to know the engaged and passionate Polaris user base.

I would like to share updates from the Polaris customer care team:

  • We are growing our team: We're training new employees as well as cross-training experts who have experience supporting other Innovative products. You may see new names responding to your tickets as we expand the Polaris customer care team!
  • We are improving response times: We have a goal to respond to new tickets swiftly. We increased the speed of our initial responses on tickets by 12% so far in 2023. Additionally, the link to best practices for expediting new tickets is at the top of the form each time you open a new ticket in the Supportal.
  • IUG 2023 presentations are now in the Supportal: We have added PDFs of all the Innovative staff presentations from IUG including roadmaps and informational sessions to the Supportal. They are searchable via keyword and you can find them all with an “IUG 2023” search.

Please reach out to me if you have questions or a topic to discuss – I value your feedback and ideas!

Caitlin Spears
Director, Customer Care

Polaris 7.4 is available now!

Polaris 7.4 was released earlier this year, and has several improvements to support tech services in Leap, including creating publication pattern prediction fields, printing serials labels, receive PO line item segments. There is also now support for multi-factor staff authentication.

Click here to read about what's in Polaris 7.4

Ready for Polaris 7.5 already? See ProductBoard for what's coming next!


The new home for ideas at Innovative is available now!

Idea Exchange is the replacement for Idea Lab, where you’ll find ideas migrated from Idea Lab, a super easy interface for adding ideas, voting, and commenting, and new support for ideas for the Innovative Mobile patron app, LX Starter, Vega, and Innovative Phone Alerts! Check it out at https://ideas.iii.com

LX Starter is ready to go global

LX Starter International is rolling out now

Many of you are already implementing LX Starter, our ILS enhancement for circulation notices that lets you create and manage patron emails. It's available to any Polaris library upgrading to Polaris 7.3 or above.

LX Starter is now ready for our next wave, which has support for internationalization.

Learn more: LX Starter Available for U.S. and International Libraries

Upgrade your skills with Innovative training

Get to the next level

Are you ready to upgrade you skills? Innovative training may offer the courses you and your staff need. Here are some of the training sessions coming up later this year:

Click for more training sessions  
Photo of man working on laptop while seated on outdoor steps
Build your Library Brand with Vega Promote Web
July 26 @ 11am ET | 8am PT
See how Vega Promote Web helps you shape your online presence
Engage your Community with Innovative Solutions

August 16 @ 11am ET | 8am PT
Learn how Vega LX can reach new users

Vega Program Live at Middle Country Public Library
August 31 @ 12pm ET | 9am PT
See how Vega Program improves event registration and management
Look into the future!
Innovative's Product Status Board gives you insight into what's coming for Polaris and other products, and you can even leave comments for our Product team!
Click here to see what's coming in Polaris!
Polaris productboard snippet 180x180.png
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Details about Polaris 7.4 and more

See the Polaris LibGuides for release notes and more details about Polaris: https://innovative.libguides.com/polaris

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