Watch the Recording: Expanding Your Library Analytics with LibraryIQ


If you’re interested in improving the data-driven decision-making at your library through better reporting and analytics, then you may be interested in our recent webinar on Expanding Your Library Analytics with LibraryIQ. The recording is now available!  

LibraryIQ is an analytics and reporting solution that used real-time data to offer actionable insights to libraries across categories such as collection management, service development, patron engagement, and strategic planning.  

Over the past few years, LibraryIQ quickly became the preferred analytics solution for many public libraries. It seamlessly integrates with Innovative’s Sierra and Polaris library systems and was recently incorporated into the selection of analytics available in the Vega Library Experience (LX) platform. 

During the webinar, participants were given a demo of the LibraryIQ platform and learned about its five key areas: CollectionIQ, DiversityIQ, CommunityIQ, PatronIQ, and MetricsIQ.  Sara Roberts, Director of Account and Product Management, discussed inspiring examples of how libraries can and have used LibraryIQ for data-driven decisions on weeding, purchasing, book programs, and displays. She was joined by Cori Iannaggi, LibraryIQ Solutions Specialist, who shared tips and details on how to navigate the tool. 

Developed by librarians for librarians, the LibraryIQ platform enables libraries nationwide to maintain relevant collections, visualize patron engagement, identify community-specific needs, and establish actionable goals. 

To learn more about how LibraryIQ empowers libraries to make informed decisions based on comprehensive analytics, enhancing their operational efficiency and strategic planning capabilities, register to watch the recording.