Vega Promote Releases Fresh Email Templates and Unsubscribe Automations


Innovative™, Part of Clarivate™ announced today the most recent release of Vega Promote for email marketing which includes a refresh on the out-of-the box email templates adding over 100 professionally-designed, customizable email marketing templates. This release also includes a new, one-click unsubscribe email header automatically added to all emails to support sender reputation and compliance with new anti-spam guidelines.

Pre-built Email Templates

Vega Promote’s pre-built email templates help libraries get started quickly when implementing Promote. Over 100 email templates have been added to the template library featuring beautiful, responsive html templates. Libraries can easily update each template with their logo and colors and then save their custom templates for quick use in the future. Different elements from each email template can also be saved to the design block library, making it easy for libraries to re-use certain content designs across multiple emails.

One-Click Unsubscribe

Your email recipients now have an easy and straightforward way to opt-out of marketing emails without scrolling to the bottom of the email. A new, one-click unsubscribe email header is now automatically applied to emails sent from Vega Promote. This will improve sender reputation and support compliance with new anti-spam guidelines for bulk marketing senders. More information on this feature is available on the Supportal (login required).

You can view more upcoming features on the Vega Promote roadmap or contribute ideas on Idea Exchange. If you’d like to receive regular updates on what’s new in Vega Promote, you can subscribe to the Vega LX release notes in the Supportal.

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Vega Promote is the marketing automation module of the Vega Library Experience (LX) suite, a cloud-based platform, that allows library staff to easily communicate and manage a full range of materials, programs, and services. Vega Promote keeps community members and patrons informed through targeted and relevant communications, keeping promotion tied tightly to other library solutions and thus eliminating the need for libraries to use a patchwork approach to digital marketing and communications—empowering libraries to communicate what they want, when they want, to whom they want.

To learn more about Vega Promote, download the product fact sheet or contact us today.