Innovative Partners with LibraryIQ to Offer Comprehensive Analytics to Libraries


Innovative, part of Clarivate, announced today a partnership with LibraryIQ, expanding the analytics offering available through the Vega Library Experience (LX) platform. LibraryIQ is an analytics and reporting solution that uses real-time data to offer actionable insights to libraries in categories spanning collection management, service development, patron engagement, and strategic planning. 

Over the past few years, LibraryIQ has quickly become the analytics solution of choice for many public libraries, integrating with Innovative’s Sierra and Polaris library systems, and now joining the selection of analytics in Vega LX. Developed by librarians for librarians, the LibraryIQ platform enables libraries across the country to easily maintain relevant collections, visualize patron engagement, discover community specific needs and create actionable goals. 

“As we help libraries build a seamless and personalized library experience for their communities, we know they need holistic insights of what’s happening within their library and community to improve data-driven decisions,” said Yariv Kursh, General Manager of Innovative. “Our extensive experience tells us that meaningful library analytics look at more than circulation numbers and provide insights as to whether the items and services best suited the needs of the community. LibraryIQ offers an impressive analytics and reporting platform that supports our goal of connecting libraries with the data they need to demonstrate the value of the library to the community.” 

With a web-based platform, LibraryIQ provides a 360-degree view of library operations, empowering staff to make data-driven decisions that ensure budget optimization and strong return on investment. The LibraryIQ Platform helps library staff to understand and meet user needs, tailoring collections and resources to their local community using a powerful combination of data related to patron engagement, demographics, collections, metrics, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) information. With actionable insights to guide libraries, the impact is a stronger and more balanced collection, targeted services to reach entire communities, and better allocation of resources and staff. 

“This partnership is the first of its kind for LibraryIQ and we are thrilled to be taking this step with Innovative. We share similar visions of the critical role that quality analytics and data-driven decision-making plays in the livelihood of libraries,” said Sara Roberts, LibraryIQ Director of Product Management. “Our common goal is to empower staff to best serve their communities and build stronger libraries.” 

LibraryIQ is available today for Sierra and Polaris libraries. To learn more, contact Innovative