The 2024 Annual Innovative Users Group conference begins


Innovative, part of Clarivate, is pleased to participate in the opening of the 2024 Innovative Users Group (IUG) conference in Detroit, and will continue presenting and exhibiting throughout the conference. Innovative staff will be part of the more than 400 attendees at the conference. 

For the next four days, library professionals from across the US and around the world will be participating in over 80 sessions led by their peer library professionals and Innovative staff. Some attendees will start early today with pre-conference sessions, including learning about Marketing Best Practices with Cordelia Anderson, DIY sessions for Sierra and Polaris users who like getting under the hood of their ILS, and the IUG Hackathon, returning for the first time since 2019. 

On Monday, the first official day of the conference, Innovative has the opportunity to showcase the latest in library solutions and what’s coming around the bend. Vice President of Product Management Toni Minick will be joined by Vice President of Engineering Yaniv Shmuel and Product Management Director Kat Cuff to discuss how the Vega Library Experience (LX) suite of solutions is coming full circle with the implementation of a unified interface for staff members, easier management of family accounts for patrons, and real-time, easy-to-navigate analytics to help libraries best decide where to allocate resources.  

While the first day of the conference features some keynote presentation, the conference is full of sessions from libraries on transitioning from using Windows Server file storage to using a Google Workspace environment, and another session discussed their experience navigating between MARCXML and MARC21. 

In addition to the structured sessions delivering information, there is another essential part of the IUG conference: forums hosted by members of the IUG, which IUG Steering Committee Chair Wes Osborn is looking forward to, “In the past I was a little skeptical of the open forum format, but as the steering committee learned from last year’s survey responses, these conversations are really valuable to the membership as an informal place where we can be inspired by each other. This might be especially true for those who work in public libraries and might be less comfortable giving a traditional presentation.”  

Watch our socials for highlights from the conference!