Mason Public Library Selects Vega Discover and Vega Interact

Mason Public Library in Ohio has selected Vega Discover for a modern discovery experience, and Vega Interact, Innovative’s new communications tool that helps libraries have personalized, one-on-one conversations with patrons across multiple communication channels.

Mesa Public Library Chooses Vega Discover

Mesa Public Library has selected Vega Discover, Innovative’s full-featured Discovery tool and the first release in the Vega Library Experience (LX) suite.

Tuscaloosa Public Library Launches Vega Discover

Tuscaloosa Public Library has launched Vega Discover, Innovative’s new, modern discovery solution, as their primary discovery tool. 

PrairieCat Consortium Joins Vega Engagement Development Partner Program

PrairieCat Consortium has joined the Vega Engagement Development Partner program to help shape the Vega Library Experience (LX) suite. 

Three Libraries Launch Innovative Mobile Patron App

Innovative is pleased to celebrate three libraries that have launched the Innovative Mobile patron app: Danbury Public, Nevada County Community, and Washington-Centerville Public Library.

Polaris Community Welcomes Five More Libraries to Innovative

Innovative is pleased to celebrate the libraries that joined the Polaris family in 2020.

Six Public Libraries Join Innovative in Developing Vega Platform

Innovative today announced that six public libraries joined the Development Partner program for Vega, a new patron engagement and discovery solution for public libraries.

Calcasieu Parish Public Library Chooses Innovative ILS Solution

Calcasieu Parish Public Library in Lake Charles, Louisiana selected Innovative for its next integrated library system.

Lafourche Parish Public Library Selects Innovative ILS Solution

Innovative is pleased to announce several libraries have recently selected Innovative solutions, including Lafourche Parish Public Library, Southwest Tennessee Community College, and Xavier University.

San Diego, Indianapolis Public Libraries and More Choose Innovative Solutions

Ding the first half of 2019, several libraries selected or implemented Innovative solutions as their Integrated Library System, including San Diego Public Library, Indianapolis Public Library, and Fairfax County Public Library.

Fourteen Libraries Choose Innovative’s ILS Over Competitive Systems

Fourteen libraries have selected Polaris or Sierra as their Integrated Library System (ILS) over competitive alternatives.