Your Role in Clarivate Voice of Customer Survey


Clarivate™ is preparing to launch its first Voice of Customer survey of 2024 on May 21. Clarivate sends this survey twice a year to a list of randomly selected customers from all three business segments, including libraries who work with Innovative. 

Some Innovative customers will receive an email from Clarivate Academia & Government Segment President Bar Veinstein inviting them to complete the survey. Not every Innovative customer will receive the survey, but those who do should know that the survey applies to their relationship with Innovative, Part of Clarivate. Clarivate also ensures that each contact receives the survey no more than once per 12 months, so anyone who completed the survey in October 2023 will not receive an invite this cycle. 

The survey will remain open through June 7, 2024 and will be sent to libraries around the world. Clarivate prioritizes working together in respectful partnership with customers and colleagues. Your survey answers will influence not only how Innovative interacts with you but also how you begin to interact with and get to know Clarivate. 

Libraries can learn more about the Clarivate Voice of Customer survey on the website: