Vega Promote Web Releases New Interface, Updated Apps for Discovery & Events


Innovative, Part of Clarivate™ recently released three new drag-and-drop apps with integrations for discovery and library events within the Vega Promote Web website-building solution. Now libraries can seamlessly connect their communities to library resources with less effort while delivering a more up-to-date and consistent library experience across multiple touchpoints. In addition, Innovative introduced concurrent editing so that multiple staff can easily collaborate on the website, improving project efficiency and approvals. 

To further promote libraries’ ever-evolving offerings using an easy-to-use website, Innovative also released a Responsive AI tool that automatically optimizes the library’s website content for responsive design across devices with one click. This feature helps libraries maximize and custom their breakpoints (screen widths) in addition to the default responsive behavior (proportional scaling to fit on different screen sizes) that comes with every element. 

“These new features help libraries create a seamless experience across the library’s online resources, allowing users to stay on the library website longer and access the information they need in one place,” said Taylor Fisher, Senior Product Manager. 

The new apps in Vega Promote Web are available to all libraries from the day they start using the website builder via drag-and-drop widgets that can be configured to display data from the library’s Vega Discover catalog or Vega Program events. These apps make it easy for libraries to integrate data from multiple Vega LX modules onto their website and include many customization options so Discover Showcases, search bars, and event listings always fit seamlessly within the web design and library branding. 

The app releases include: 

  • Vega Discover Showcases – This app features four new designs for collection showcases, larger cover art, and improved performance.  
  • Vega Discover search – This pass-through search app includes two options; either the search box searches only the catalog and users can choose a category, or there can be an integrated search box where users can choose to search the catalog or library website. This app also includes improvements for responsive design. 
  • Vega Program events – This app features two ways to display the next three chronological events at the library, or to show a search panel and form where users can search all events and see the results within the webpage without being re-directed to a separate site. 

In partnership with Wix, Vega Promote Web now includes Wix Studio, a website building tool focused on collaboration that features live multi-user editing and automated tools for responsive design. Highlights from the new interface include: 

  • Concurrent editing – Vega Promote Web now allows for multiple users to work on the same webpage at the same time and see each other’s changes in real time. Users working on a site together can also leave comments on the canvas, tag others, and attach comments to specific elements. This makes it easier for library staff to work with each other, and to collaborate with the Innovative implementation team. 
  • Automated Responsive Design – Users can now design their website as they wish, then use the Responsive AI tool to select a section of content then auto-generate a suggested design for better responsiveness, or use the tool on specific breakpoints to improve the mobile display. 

Vega Promote Web empowers libraries to create and manage their own websites, where they can showcase their ever-evolving services, programs, and resources. Part of the Vega Library Experience (LX) platform, Vega Promote Web can be implemented independently or in connection with other Vega LX modules and Innovative’s integrated library systems Polaris and Sierra. Vega Promote Web is available today for libraries of all types. To learn more, visit the Innovative website