Vega Discover Kids Catalog and Themed Catalogs enter beta testing


Innovative, part of Clarivate™, is pleased to announce that early adopters are now beta testing customized catalogs in Vega Discover.  

As announced at the 2023 Innovative Users Group conference, Innovative has been working on custom catalog options for Vega Discover, including a Kids Catalog that is eye-catching and easy for kids to navigate, and Themed Catalogs which allow the library to promote custom collections. 

These custom catalogs include unique URLs for each catalog, additional home page customizations for background themes and icons, and the ability to restrict or scope the resources displayed on the catalog by collection or location. These catalogs are ideal for places like kiosks, where the themed catalog can be configured to cater to a collection specific to that branch or area of the library.  

The tools available for creating themed catalogs will include background images, event presentation, an icon library, and showcase options. Kids themes include easy-to-read fonts, graphics, eye-catching colors, and a simpler search interface. Default templates include Modern, Comic, and Steampunk themes for kids.  

While libraries are testing the themes now, Innovative has already conducted usability testing with library users and children, and this testing has informed the design.  

Vega Discover is a modern and accessible discovery layer which works seamlessly with ILS solutions Sierra and Polaris. Kids Catalog and Themed Catalogs will be available to libraries with Discover Premium and Consortia licenses. 

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