Innovative Announces Vega Discover Customization Features, Including Ready-to-Use Kids Catalog Design


In early May, Innovative, part of Clarivate, announced new customization features for Vega Discover catalog homepages at the 2023 Innovative Users Group annual conference, enabling libraries to engage patrons by promoting custom catalogs for unique interests and topics.  

Innovative also introduced Vega Discover Kids Catalog, designed to attract younger patrons’ attention through visual icons, colorful buttons, and playful backgrounds, while supporting the ability to automatically limit search results to age-appropriate library materials. 

The customization features for catalogs are easy to use with intuitive homepage builder functionality, support the upload of tailored backgrounds and icons to compliment the promoted catalog, and offer an extensive icon library for those who may want a simpler option for getting started. For Kids Catalog, the builder includes professionally pre-designed themes to engage younger users. 

Kat Cuff, Director, Product Management at Innovative said: “It is so important for libraries to reach out and engage with their diverse audiences, and to create sites that will feel relevant and exciting for each individual interacting with the library and the library resources. Following the successful release of homepage designs, this was the natural next step to enable libraries to promote custom catalogs and tailor those pages to their unique target audiences. We really enjoyed working on the first theme focused on kids’ catalogs, and look forward to supporting more easy-to-use designs and features.”  

The Vega Discover custom catalog options will be available later in 2023 to Vega Discover Premium and Consortia customers. Libraries can use this functionality to create multiple catalog landing pages by topic, areas of interest or for each young audience that needs a custom solution: elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond.  

As with all homepage designs, these catalogs can promote Discover showcases, specific library items, featured content, and upcoming events. 

Vega Discover is a modern and accessible discovery layer which works seamlessly with ILS solutions Sierra and Polaris. To learn more,visit iii.comorcontact Innovative today.