Sierra 6.1 introduces new authentication options, status update tracking, RapidILL support


Innovative, part of Clarivate™, is proud to announce that Sierra 6.1 is now available for Sierra libraries.

The latest version of Sierra includes a number of new features, including the following:

  • Support for SAML authentication – Libraries can now opt to use native SAML-based authentication to log in to the Sierra Desktop Application and Web Management Reports. (SAML authentication software requires a separate implementation that can be performed by the library or by Innovative.)
  • Export a table of user permissions – Administrative users now have the option to export a table of user permissions, which can make it easier to ensure users have the permissions they need, and to take an inventory of current user access to ensure system security.
  • Re-bill patrons for outstanding charges – Libraries can now choose to re-send bills to patrons who owe charges to the library. This feature includes configuration options for when and how frequently to re-send a bill.
  • Support for Last Status Update Date – The Last Status Update Date, added in Sierra 6.0, now includes the date and time the status was last changed. The Last Status Update field is also now available in Create Lists for searching, sorting, and exporting data.
  • Protecting Global Update files from accidental overwrite – New options in the Global Update File menu make it easier to select the “Load” or “Save” options, and new pop-up confirmation messages make it less likely that users will inadvertently overwrite command files.
  • RapidILL acquisition method – The new RapidILL acquisition method means that libraries can user Sierra to process RapidILL requests. The illoptions file must be configured to include the new option. (The RapidILL software must be installed separately. Contact your account manager for details.)
  • INN-Reach Borrowed Report renewal rule support – The new checkbox to “Enforce renewal rules,” when selected, applies renewal rules to INN-Reach materials based on library policies.
  • Support for MARC 856 field $g – Sierra now includes support for the 856 tag subfield $g – Persistent identifier to be included when using record display options DISPLAY_856 and DISPLAY_CHECKIN_ 856 and the URL Checker.
  • Sierra Web improvements – A new option in the Admin Corner menu “W > Restart Sierra Web” lets administrative users restart Sierra Web. As part of the Sierra 6.1 upgrade process, if a library’s user limit is set to fewer than 60 licenses, the number of allowed licenses will be increased to the default of 60.

This is a selection of a long list of features and fixes in Sierra 6.1. See the full list of changes in this version in the Sierra 6.1 Release Notes and Encore 6.1 Release Notes (login required).

Innovative is hosting a webinar about the latest in Sierra 6.1 on Thursday, January 25, 2024. Register here.