Over 100 Libraries Now Live on Innovative’s LX Starter


Innovative, part of Clarivate, is excited to celebrate a milestone achievement for its Library Experience (LX) Starter suite, which now supports over 100 libraries using the solution.  

This means over 100 Polaris and Sierra libraries are now leveraging new technology to bolster engagement with their savvy, digital-first users. Included with Polaris and Sierra Integrated Library Service subscriptions, LX Starter brings branded, visually appealing emails to libraries while keeping patron data safe within one integrated ecosystem. LX Starter includes an intuitive, web-based interface that empowers library staff to design and send modern circulation notices directly to patron inboxes, on a schedule that works for the library. In addition, staff can view email bounces, patron records, and review engagement metrics such as open rates and click rates on notices.  

“The Innovative team is incredibly proud and excited to celebrate this milestone with these 100 libraries,” said Whitney Murphy, Director of Product Management for ILS products. “We’ve brought in teams from across Clarivate to help streamline implementations, giving libraries a smooth and easy process that can be completed in 6 weeks or less. We’re looking forward to installing the next 100 instances of LX Starter for Sierra and Polaris libraries.” 

Contact your account manager to begin implementing LX Starter. Or learn more about how your library can optimize patron communications and engagement through LX Starter.