New Star Item Feature in Mobile Worklists Release 2.4 Enables Flexible Library Workflows


Mobile Worklists is a native mobile app running on iOS that makes day-to-day material handling tasks more efficient for library staff, saving time and paper for the library. Mobile Worklists Release 2.4 has a new feature where users can choose to star or unstar an item or multiple items in any list.

The actions to star and unstar can be completed by:

  • Swiping right on an item in the list view
  • Tapping the star icon in the toolbar on the Item Detail screen
  • Tapping the star icon in the toolbar on the Edit List screen

The new feature was designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. It can be used to bookmark a spot within a large list, or to flag multiple items in a list for a specific reason. The uses are endless, and it has been great to see the different ways library staff found to use the new feature.


To add a star to an item in a list, swipe right on the item, then tap the star. Swipe right again to unstar.

If you’re looking for ideas on how you can use the new feature, here are some examples:

Bookmark. When working through a large list, users can star an item to indicate when they pause to take a break or end their current session. The star remains on the item between app sessions, when moved between lists, and when using one login across multiple devices.

Missing Items. When searching for items on a missing items lists, staff can use the star feature to mark “found” items. They can then easily move all the found items to a new list.

Weeding. A user working from a shelf list can star any item that needs to be weeded (pulling it from the shelf at the same time). Then he or she can quickly select each of the items not starred and delete them as a group. What remains (the starred list) can then be uploaded to Sierra for staff to delete the records and update the library catalogue.


Use the Edit action on a list to select multiple items. Add a star to each item by tapping the star icon in the bottom left of the toolbar.

The feature is intuitive and easy to use. Here are some of the reviews we received from our beta testers:

  • “We really like the swiping right to star an item. You hit ‘star’ and it stars.”
  • “Starring items from the detail screen is working perfectly. We love it!”
  • “It works great. I also installed on both devices and it works seamlessly between the two with the same login.”
  • “We are very delighted that your team expanded the capability of the star feature to marking multiple items! It opens up other potential uses.”

Mobile Worklists is currently available for library partners using Sierra. Mobile Worklists customers can download the new version of the mobile app from the Apple App Store immediately. Devices configured for automatic download will receive the update automatically. Compatible devices include Apple devices running iOS 9.0 or above. Sierra Release 2.1 or higher is also required.