MyLibrary! Release 2.1 Integrates WebPAC and Encore Labels on Sign In Screen


MyLibrary! users may have noticed a few changes with MyLibrary! 2.1, the most recent release of the patron mobile app. Patrons logging into the app will now see labels that match their library’s WebPAC or Encore labels. For example, if your library chooses to use “username” instead of “library card number” on your desktop sign in pages, those labels will transfer to your MyLibrary! sign in screen as well. This creates a more seamless user experience for patrons whether they are signing in to their account via the web or the app.

With this release, libraries also have the ability to choose whether patrons can change their email and password within the app. Universities and libraries using login credentials integrated with another system can use this setting to ensure users go to the correct place to update login information.

MyLibrary! is available for download in Google Play and the Apple App store, and currently available to subscribing Sierra libraries. Sierra 2.4 is required for the app, and the latest features are available with Sierra 3.2. Learn more about the MyLibrary! mobile app by visiting the Innovative website.