Mobile Worklists 4.6 introduces RFID scanning


Innovative, part of Clarivate™, is proud to announce the release of Mobile Worklists 4.6, the iOS and Android staff mobile app for Sierra libraries.

The latest version of Mobile Worklists introduces support for using a mobile device to scan RFID tags with the device’s Near-Field Communication (NFC) feature. This means that libraries can use mobile devices to scan RFID tags on library items as an alternative to scanning barcodes with the device camera.

 “The ability to scan RFID tags has been a long-standing request for Mobile Worklists,” says Mobile Worklists Product Manager Mike Dicus. “I’m really pleased that libraries that use RFID tags can now scan those tags with Mobile Worklists, making it easier and faster for staff to process materials in the stacks.”

Mobile Worklists 4.6 also delivers a fix for a bug that affected barcode scanning on some iOS devices.

Download the latest version of Mobile Worklists for Android from the Google Play store, and for iOS from the Apple App store.

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