Mobile Worklists 4.3 puts checkouts in the palm of your hand


Innovative, part of Clarivate, is thrilled to announce that Mobile Worklists 4.3 is available in the Apple and Google Play app stores. This release introduces the ability to check out items to patrons via barcode scanning. 

As demands on libraries continue to change and challenge the traditional confines of the library, it’s more important than ever that libraries be able to untether services and their staff from the circulation desk. With the ability to check out items to patrons on the fly, Mobile Worklists 4.3 empowers library staff to serve patrons within the stacks, curbside, or at pop-up locations—anywhere with an internet connection. 

Using Mobile Worklists 4.3, library staff can simply use their device camera to scan a patron’s barcode and the barcodes of their items, and the items will be checked out per Sierra’s loan rules. Mobile Worklists can also check-in items by scanning the items’ barcode. Item check-out requires Sierra 5.4 or later.  

Those running Sierra version 5.4 or higher can select to scan items (with their device camera) on the app home screen. 

Mobile Worklists is available in English, Catalan, Spanish, French, Canadian French, Finnish, Polish, Estonian, and Swedish. 

Prerequisites: Sierra 3.0 or higher. Check Out Item functionality requires Sierra 5.4 or higher. 

For more information about getting Mobile Worklists for your library, contact your account manager or reach out to the Customer Relationship Center (CRC) at (510) 619-3566 or via email at