Mobile Worklists 4.2 Brings Improvements for Keeping Metrics; Managing Items


Innovative, now a part of Clarivate, is proud to announce that Mobile Worklists 4.2 is now available! This release provides staff with enhanced features to track in-house usage of materials, support check-in from book drops and remote returns, and update additional fields in item records. 

Mobile Worklists 4.2 provides library staff users with the following new features: 

  • Count use of library materials – A quick way for staff to count materials used within the library before they are reshelved 
  • Backdate check in of items – Check in items from book drops and remote return locations and manually adjust the check-in date 
  • Update message, internal note, item message, OPAC message, item type, and item code 2 fields in item records – Expanded item details can now be changed quickly using the app, beyond item location, status, and inventory date 
  • Item Matcher updated to include new item detail fields – Staff users have more options for which item fields to match against when creating rules for item matching. 

Mobile Worklists 4.2 is available through Google Play and through the Apple App Store Mobile Worklists is supported on Android devices running Android 6.0 and newer and on iOS devices running iOS 12.0 or newer. 

Mobile Worklists is available in English, Catalan, Spanish, French, Canadian French, Finnish, Polish, Estonian, and Swedish. 

Prerequisites: Sierra 3.0 or higher. Mobile Worklists Priority Paging, Shelf List functionality, and updating item record fields require Sierra 5.2 or higher. Count Use and Backdate Check In require Sierra 5.4 or higher.