Decision Center 1.2 SP12 Brings Popular Titles Improvements, More Accurate Patron Reporting


Decision Center Release 1.2 SP12 is now available to Innovative (now part of Clarivate) library partners. This release includes an improvement to the HTML output of the Popular Titles report so that the text is optimally sized for rendering on a web page. This change was a result of library partner feedback and will help libraries share their most popular titles on their websites. 

In addition to this improvement, the Current Patrons by Home Library report has been improved to have fewer “Unknown” entries thanks to the omission of temporary patron records, and the filenames of review files exported from Decision Center now start with the username and date for easier identification in Sierra. 

All Decision Center instances are upgraded to the latest software within a few weeks of a new release. Library partners will be notified when their Decision Center system is upgraded. For more detailed information, library partners can review the Decision Center 1.2 SP12 release notes in the Innovative Supportal.