Mobile Worklists 2.5 Automatically Saves Your Place in a List


If you’ve ever had to scroll through hundreds of items to find your last place in a list, you’ll love our new feature in Mobile Worklists Release 2.5. Now, when you have to exit a list in the middle of your work, you’ll be automatically returned to your place the next time you open the lists. It’s an easy way to jump back into your work without all that scrolling.

Released in May, Mobile Worklists 2.5 development continues the focus on simplifying the user experience by adding easy-to-use new features. Being able to jump back to a place in a list will be helpful for any user working between two lists or staff who share a login for projects and hand-off duties between shifts. The automatic jump is so quick and seamless that you may not have even noticed it the first time it happened.


When you open a list for the first time, you start at the top of the list. If you work you way through part of a list and then return to the My Lists screen, you will be automatically returned to your last place in the list when you re-open it.

Mobile Worklists is currently available for library partners using Sierra. Mobile Worklists users can download the new version of the mobile app from the Apple App Store. Devices configured for automatic download will receive the update automatically. Compatible devices include Apple devices running iOS 9.0 or above. Sierra Release 2.1 or higher is also required. You can read more about our previous update to Mobile Worklists on our blog.