Winning Polaris Submissions in the “Show Me the Money!” Challenge


Hello Innovative Users!

Pairwise voting has concluded for the “Show Me the Money!” challenge, and we have our winners!

Designed to improve on acquisitions and serials functionality in Polaris, this challenge garnered 20 ideas and received 213 votes!

The Polaris Winner

Submission: Support Vendor Preferred ISBN/UPC in 970 tags for PO Creation
Inspired by:
 Idea submitted by Wes Osborn

Submission: Bulk Change POLI Segment Fields (Runner Up)
Inspired by: Idea submitted by Jessie Bach

Proposed for: Polaris 2022 (TBD)

“As we move acquisitions functionality to Leap, we are looking for ways to automate and improve workflows,” said Samantha Quell, Polaris Product Manager. “Once again Idea Lab has helped to identify improvements we can make that will have the greatest positive impact for our users. This is the closest we’ve come to a tie between our top ideas (one vote), so we’re going to investigate both.”

Remember, submissions live on in Idea Lab and our Always Open Space never closes. If you submitted an enhancement that is still important to you or you’ve just discovered a development opportunity, the Always Open space provides a place to post that idea for any Polaris product.

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Thanks again to our wonderful Idea Lab Leadership team:

  • Jeremy Goldstein, Minuteman Library Network
  • Cecilia Smiley, Lee County Library System
  • Maisam Nouh, The Ferguson Library
  • Kathy Setter, IFLS Library System

And special thanks to your moderators and expert reviewers:

  • Jamie King
  • Eleanor Crumblehulme
  • Tracey Thompson
  • Sharon O’Brien
  • Alissa Dornink
  • Sarah St. Martin



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