Vega Library Experience Platform Expands Support for Consortia


Innovative, part of Clarivate, announced today expanded support for library consortia of all types through the Vega Library Experience (LX) platform. Key developments include consortia support in LX Starter and Vega Promote, and expanded roles and permissions in LX Starter and Vega Discover. 

“Every consortium I speak with is completely unique from the next, each one has a custom way of handling administration, shared resources, policies and procedures, branding and more,” said Kat Cuff, Director of Product Management. “We’ve been listening closely to their needs and have taken our time to build a strong foundation that can support the complex and individualized needs of consortia.” 

Innovative proactively solicits library feedback on product development through a wide variety of channels such as the development and strategic partner program, beta and early adopters, the Idea Exchange, and regular customer meetings. In 2023, the product management team spent over 2,000 hours with libraries listening to their feedback. 

To provide consortia with more options for managing their organization, members, and community engagement activities, Innovative is developing: 

  • LX Starter support for Consortia, allowing member libraries to send email notices with unique branding 
  • Additional user roles and permissions for consortia in LX Starter, Vega Discover, and Vega Promote 
  • Customer pass-through searches, WorldCat integration, and Suggest a Purchase workflow in Vega Discover 
  • A unified staff interface for Vega LX modules where staff can manage online catalog settings, notices, marketing and service communications, and patron communication records 
  • Support for consortia in Vega Promote so member libraries can manage their own emails but receive support from the central office  

 Consortia will also benefit from additional developments planned in the Vega Library Experience platform for non-shared library systems. 

“Our focus in development, for libraries and systems of all types, is to provide an excellent and delightful user experience that propels libraries forward on their mission of serving their communities,” said Cuff. 

The Vega Library Experience (LX) suite offers libraries a unified solution for building ongoing relationships with community members, and communicating with users across multiple channels, all while keeping patron data, communication history, and analytics secure in one place for library staff. 

Innovative has over 40 years of experience providing advanced technology solutions and services that empower libraries and enrich their users worldwide. With more than 2,400 library systems installed in 9,500 libraries around the world, Innovative is dedicated to serving libraries of all types across their unique needs. To learn more about Innovative solutions for your library, visit