Vega Discover Launches New Integration with Bolinda Borrowbox


Innovative, part of Clarivate, announced today that Vega Discover, Innovative’s modern discovery solution for public libraries, now includes full account integration with Bolinda Borrowbox.  

As new libraries in Australia and the UK select and implement the Polaris ILS and Vega Discover, it is an Innovative company priority to provide integrations with vendors popular in-region for those libraries. 

Electronic and digital content management (EDCM) is integral to the creation of a holistic experience for libraries and their patrons. Discover’s end-to-end electronic content integrations enable automatic ingestion of bibliographic records from vendors into Discover catalogues.  

These integrations and imports save libraries time and effort and get materials into the hands of patrons sooner by automatically loading vendor metadata records and the appropriate subscription details into Vega Discover. Library staff now have the option to automatically accept and import those vendor metadata records quickly, efficiently, and on an ongoing basis, while maintaining system preferences of their manually catalogued records from the ILS. The new automatic record loading applies to existing integrations with OverDrive, Hoopla, Axis360, and CloudLibrary, and will also declutter the library ILS catalog from managing Discovery records.  

Now libraries with existing subscriptions to Bolinda Borrowbox can also benefit from automated subscription maintenance of their items and enjoy ongoing updates to their metadata records.  

Vega Discover, our modern and accessible discovery layer, continues to support librarians by supplying easy-to-use automated workflows resulting in better access to materials for patrons. As part of the Vega Library Experience (LX) platform, it enables library staff to easily communicate and manage a full range of materials, programs, and services. 

Vega Discover works seamlessly with ILS solutions Sierra and Polaris. To learn more, visit or contact Innovative today.