Vega Discover Introduces Newly Designed, User-Friendly Homepage Available for Early Access Institutions


Innovative, part of Clarivate, announced today the introduction of a user-friendly Vega Discover homepage designer and design templates for early access institutions. Nineteen libraries have joined the early access program to begin designing their catalog homepages and many of the participants will have their designs shared at the 2023 Innovative Users Group annual conference. As libraries continue to focus on increasing patron engagement and raising awareness of the library’s content and upcoming events, the homepage provides another point of engagement in the patron’s library experience.  

One of the 19 libraries includes Mid-Hudson Library System in Poughkeepsie, NY, also a Vega Discover development partner. “Simply put, we are really jazzed by how good the Discover homepage looks and how easy it is to edit,” said Laurie Shedrick, Assistant Director and Technology Operations Manager at Mid-Hudson. “Changing featured content can be done effortlessly, to keep the catalog in line and relevant to what is happening locally and globally. You don’t need to have a lick of html or web design experience to deliver a fresh new look as often as you desire.” 

Libraries with early access can now easily build an engaging catalog homepage, incorporating their Discover showcases to highlight specific items, promote hot topics and new content, and generate patron interest in upcoming events. The user-friendly design tool features easy drag and drop components with multiple display options, integrates high-quality cover art from Syndetics Unbound, and allows librarians to preview the homepage before publishing.   

The new homepage design supports multiple display options to create a unique, exciting, and engaging interface with patrons.  

Vega Discover is a modern and accessible discovery layer which works seamlessly with ILS solutions Sierra and Polaris. To learn more, visit or contact Innovative today.