Vega Discover and Syndetics Unbound: A Unique, Guided Experience for Library Explorers


In North America, many schools are out, vacations are underway and for the public library that means it’s time for summer reading – and lots of it. There’s nothing quite like seeing a patron approach the desk with a pile of finished books and a hungry look in their eye.  

Your library already has the compelling resources they need to spark and retain a love of reading and expand their interests. They just need the right library experience tool to help them uncover it all.      

Vega Discover is that tool. And now, newly integrated with an expanded list of Syndetics Unbound elements, Vega Discover offers even more ways to search out new possibilities. 

Here is an inside look at how Discover uses Syndetics Unbound enrichment content to enhance the discovery experience, by encouraging and guiding patrons to intuitively explore and connect with the library. 


Is this book for me? 

By providing Reader Reviews from a host of members across your system, patrons can decide if a book suits their interests. 




What adventure will my favorite characters have next? 

When we grow to like a character or theme, we want to continue on a journey with them. More in this Series provides a simple and effective way to retain and expand engagement with the reading materials your library offers.  



I can’t get enough of this author/genre/topic. Show me more!  

The You May Also Like function ensures a patron or librarian can locate additional titles or similar series that fit well with the reader’s interests.  


I found a topic in this book so intriguing. Where can I learn more?   

The Book Profile offers key words that can lead readers down an exploratory path based on characters, genre, topics or even setting locations.  



How do I find more age-appropriate reading like this last book? 

Vega Discover now offers the ability to search for similar reading materials by Reading Level using the Lexile measure, accelerated reader, or age and grade level. 


 Is this book a winner?  

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can see if a selected book is recognized or has earned honors in the Awards section of Vega Discover.  


Syndetics Unbound enrichment content and metadata is included with every purchase of Vega Discover. To learn more about this expanded integration with Vega Discover, read our press release or contact Innovative for a personal demo.