Sierra and Polaris Idea Lab Winners – The Meta-Challenge 2021


Hello Innovative Users!

Pairwise voting has concluded for the Meta-Challenge, and we have our winners!

Designed to help focus future challenges on the areas of the product most important to Polaris and Sierra libraries, this challenge included a combined total of 29 ideas and 208 pairs for voting.

The Winners

Submissions:  Sierra System Administration Functions; Polaris System Administration

Inspired by: Ideas submitted by Tracy Babiasz and Gabrielle Gosselin


This idea will be the focus of our next challenge in Q4 2021.

Innovative and the Idea Lab Committee are keeping a list of the other ideas submitted in the Meta-Challenge and will consider these themes when planning future challenges.

“Library staff submitted many great ideas as themes for future challenges,” said Mike Dicus, Sierra Product Manager. “System administration became a top focus area pretty quickly, but it is clear that our libraries have several functional and non-functional topics they would like us to use to collect enhancement ideas in future challenges.”

Remember, submissions live on in Idea Lab and our Always Open Space never closes. If you submitted an enhancement that is still important to you or you’ve just discovered a development opportunity, the Always Open space provides a place to post that idea for any product.

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Thanks again to our wonderful Idea Lab Leadership team:

  • Jeremy Goldstein, Minuteman Library Network
  • Eleanor Crumblehulme, Saskatchewan Information Library Services Consortium
  • Kathy Setter, IFLS Library System

And thanks to the moderators for this extra special challenge:

  • Xeumei Ge
  • Eileen Keller
  • Elizabeth Wright
  • Sharon O’Brien
  • Eleanor Crumblehulme
  • Jason Tenter



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