Sierra 4.1 Expands License Limits, Customizes Facets


Innovative is happy to announce that Sierra 4.1 is in general release, offering a number of new features. Through their testing and feedback, our beta partner community played an important part in making this development and deployment possible.

New Features in 4.1:

  • License expansions. Concurrent Sierra Web licenses have been expanded to 30
  • Facet customization. Libraries can now customize which facets they want to appear in the SDA. This is a universal setting, not per login.
    • Facets can be changed through SDA under Admin > Settings or through Admin App > Sierra Facets
  • New permissions are available to allow for customization: Customize Sierra Facet Display (1255)
  • System limit expansions. Removed the limit of 125 paid fields attached to one order record.
  • View Cancelled Holds. From the View Cancelled Holds table, staff can right-click on a cancelled hold to view the record and place a new hold. The table also includes Date Placed.

For a comprehensive look at all new features offered in Sierra 4.1, library partners can review the announcements in the Innovative Supportal.