Setting Your Library Up for Success: A Sierra Migration Tip Series


This is the first in a series of tips to help you successfully prepare your library mentally and physically for a migration from Millennium to Sierra. Find out more in Part 2.

 TIP: Expect a fast project. With little downtime. And no gap loading.

 When it comes to migration, we know the traditional thinking:

“We’ll have to implement new system on new hardware.”

“We’ll need to run two systems concurrently.”

“Migrating data manually from system A to load system B will take months with days of downtime before go-live”


But a Sierra migration is simpler than you think!


Millennium and Sierra work in sync.
We transform a Millennium system to a Sierra system “in place.” Sierra is installed side-by-side with Millennium. There is no gap loading because Millennium and Sierra run side-by-side and remain in sync in real time. Millennium remains available apart from the defined downtime, and libraries can continue regular work, including record loading.

Expert migration team supporting you.
After successfully performing 500+ migrations, Innovative has developed the team, the tools, and the methods to do the heavy lifting and get the job done well. Libraries say our migrations are comparably easier than implementing with a new vendor and six years of high satisfaction scores reflect that.

Sierra starts out system ready.
On go-live day, no network changes are needed and we are fully focused on software conversion and the staff and patron go-live event. Downtime interruptions are restricted to moving to the Sierra-ready server and final conversion..

Sierra migration makes a huge difference. Even to your bottom line.
We can’t overstate the positive difference Innovative migration features can make in staff time, calendar time, reduced stress, and, of course, your library’s bottom line. We can work to account for all these factors when comparing migration options. Let us show you what your individual migration would look like, and the experience you can expect.