Most-Read Resources in 2020


As the notable year of 2020 comes to a close, we are taking a look at Innovative’s most-read resources of the year. Innovative started the year with some big changes regarding management, but those changes were soon dwarfed by the changes we all had to make to stay safe with COVID-19. We are proud that we were able to provide research to libraries to gain perspective on library usage during 2020, as well as a reconsideration of the role of late fees at libraries. Readers also expressed interest in how Polaris and Sierra could help their libraries, as well as the Decision Center reporting tool and the Encore discovery solution. Without further ado, here’s our list of most-read resources from 2020:

  1. Infographic: Make Changes from Day One with Polaris
  2. White Paper: Are Library Late Fees a Barrier to Equity?
  3. Case Study: Polaris Provides Customization to Lafourche Parish
  4. Research Report: Impact of COVID Lockdowns on Public Libraries
  5. Three Ways Sierra Wil Help You Deliver a Better Library Experience
  6. Polaris ILS: Do more with less and deliver better patron experiences
  7. Two Ways Sierra Will Reduce Your Library Overhead
  8. Davenport Public Library Transforms Outreach
  9. What is BIBFRAME and How it Positions Your Library for the Future
  10. Three Ways BIBFRAME Can Bring Big Advantages to your Library


Thanks to our library partners for an eventful and successful 2020! We’re looking forward to continued connections with libraries and a bright 2021, including through Idea Lab.