A Modern Patron Experience: Polaris Release 5.5 Delivers Responsive PowerPAC


Your patrons are a diverse group of people. And we know they access your catalog through a diverse set of devices. But they all deserve the same discovery experience. Now, patrons will have a consistent Polaris discovery experience when they search your catalog, regardless of what device they use.

With Polaris Release 5.5, Innovative launched a fully responsive PowerPAC for the Polaris integrated library system so users have a consistent discovery experience no matter where they are or what device they’re on. Every page and menu in the PowerPAC was re-designed with a fresh look and a responsive web design.

What is responsive design? When you look at a web page and you change the size of the browser window, the design of the page changes to fit inside the window. This means you can immediately see the website navigation menu on a mobile phone without having to scroll to find it. So, what does it really look like?

The new design has a clean look with easy-to-read text, buttons, and navigation. It’s a clutter-free library catalogue so your patrons can find what they need. For more information on Polaris Release 5.5, read the announcement.