Mobile Worklists 4.1 Introduces Item Match Alerts, Multiple Workflow Improvements


Innovative is proud to announce that Mobile Worklists 4.1 is in general release for Android and iOS.

This is the first major update to Mobile Worklists since the initial Android release of the mobile app that lets library staff work in the stacks. Mobile Worklists 4.1 contains enhancements to Title Paging Lists, worklist management, and inventory workflows. This release also introduces item matcher functionality to alert staff when items on a list meet specified criteria.

Mobile Worklists 4.1 provides library staff users with the following new features:

  • Show item status in the list display for shelflists – See the item statuses on the list without the need to tap through to Item Details
  • Tap to verify an item on a shelflist – You can choose to verify an item is found on a list without scanning or typing in the item barcode
  • Create an item worklist from a shelflist – Save your shelflist as an item worklist
  • Display pick-up location on the Title Paging List – The Title Paging List now displays the pick-up location for each entry on the list
  • Preview number of items paged in each location – When accessing the location filter for the Title Paging List, the list shows the number of items on the Title Paging List at each of the listed locations. This idea comes from Idea Lab, where libraries submit ideas for product features.
  • Location limit available on My Lists – Filter the items on a worklist according to the item’s location
  • Alert users when items on a list, Title Paging List or shelflist meet user-specified criteria – Create rules for the app to alert you when an item is found that meet circulation or cataloging criteria, such as a specific item status or check-in date range.

Mobile Worklists is available for library partners using Sierra. Current Mobile Worklists users can download the Android version of Mobile Worklists through the Google Play store at and through the Apple App Store Mobile Worklists is supported on Android devices running Android 6.0 and newer and on iOS devices running iOS 12.0 or newer.


Mobile Worklists is available in English, Catalan, Spanish, French, Canadian French, Finnish, Polish, Estonian, and Swedish.

For more information about getting Mobile Worklists for your library, contact your account manager or reach out to the Customer Relationship Center (CRC) at (510) 619-3566 or via email at