Mobile Worklists 3.2 Can Help Your Library with Inventory


Mobile Worklists helps library staff to go paperless while doing work in the stacks, and with the release of Mobile Worklists 3.2 that work includes inventory.

With the ability to update an item’s inventory date, item status, and location right from your device, Mobile Worklists 3.2 can help your library conduct inventory. You can work from a shelf list generated by Sierra or use inventory features while scanning items on the fly.

In addition to support for inventory workflows, Mobile Worklists 3.2 has additional features to manage your Title Paging List, including support for priority paging, the ability to temporarily hide items from the Title Paging List view, and the ability to import your library’s Title Paging List as a worklist.

Mobile Worklists is currently available for library partners using Sierra. Mobile Worklists users can download the new version of the mobile app from the Apple App Store. Compatible devices include Apple devices running iOS 9.1 or above. Sierra Release 5.2 or higher is also required for full inventory functionality and Title Paging List priority paging support.

For more information about getting Mobile Worklists for your library, contact your account manager or reach out to the Customer Relationship Center (CRC) at (510) 619-3566 or via email at