Maricopa County Library District selects INN-Reach to expand access for growing community


Maricopa County, the fastest-growing county in Arizona with a population of 4.5 million, is facing mounting pressure on its public library systems. “From migrant farm communities to urban hubs, there are 15 unique public library systems serving the diverse needs of these residents,” said Jeremy Reeder, Director of the Maricopa County Library District. To continue providing equitable access to a vast pool of library resources, the Maricopa County Library District has introduced MAX, a new INN-Reach resource-sharing network. MAX brings together 14 out of its 15 public library systems, allowing its resident to borrow from a shared collection of library materials without the need for individual library expansion. 

County residents will experience the benefits of this new consortium: 

“Maricopa County Library District’s new INN-Reach Network, called MAX (Maximizing Library Access), will bring together these public library systems. MAX will ensure, no matter where someone lives in our sprawling county, they can access a diverse collection of library materials,” said Reeder. 

INN-Reach is a resource sharing solution developed by Innovative, part of Clarivate. It unifies multiple libraries into a shared online catalog, offers patron-initiated requests, and provides cost-effective fulfillment of requests. Customer surveys have shown up to a 70% reduction in shared resource processing time. By adopting INN-Reach, libraries have reduced their expenses by 70%, and increased their overall budget by 5%. 

Looking to ensure access to diversified library material as demand continues to surge? Reach out to an Innovative resource sharing expert today.