LX Starter Available for International Libraries to Implement Modern Email Notices


Innovative, part of Clarivate, now invites all single-system international libraries to implement LX Starter for modern and professionally designed circulation email notices. LX Starter enables libraries to set up email notices tailored to each library system’s branding and personalized to their patrons. 

Over the past months more than 50 libraries have launched LX Starter and “the experience has been great.”, says Ivonne Vazquez, Librarian (Cataloging and Tech Services) at City of North Miami. “We have noticed the engagement the emails have and we edit them whenever we have a new activity at the library. Also, knowing what emails have been bouncing can help us identify patrons and try and contact them in other ways. I love how simple the interface is and versatile.”  

Included with the Polaris and Sierra integrated library systems, LX Starter offers libraries a way to modernize their existing patron email notices with better engagement tools and performance metrics. LX Starter also includes available cover art from Syndetics Unbound for items in the collection to give patrons a visual accounting of their items and a more engaging notice experience. 

LX Starter is now available for implementation by single-system, non-U.S. based libraries installed on the latest Polaris or Sierra releases (as appropriate). Libraries who meet these criteria will be approached by the LX Starter team. Those interested in joining an implementation cohort can register for LX Starter directly or by contacting their account manager. 

To learn more,you can watch our most recent webinar on LX Starter orcontact Innovative today.