Library Culture is People Culture


This post comes from guest blogger Kym Cadle, Founder of Pure Ambition Consulting

As cultures transform and digital worlds take over, one thing we can be sure remains — the innate human need to connect at a meaningful level.  And yet you likely relate to today’s reality of operating in environments that continue to stoke individualism, digital distraction, disconnection and ultimately high stress and anxiety.

In fact, Gallup’s latest research* confirms the widening opportunity: 

  • Only 29% of managers are highly engaged at work. The #1 driver of an individual’s engagement at work is their leaders’ engagement.
  • Just 21% of employees feel their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.
  • Employees are willing to look and keep looking for a company that’s mission and culture reflect and reinforce their values.
  • The job market is more competitive than in recent decades challenging our ability to retain top talent.
  • Leveraging strengths is a key lever to increasing goal achievement, vs. gap management.
  • High engagement leads to significant positive impact on performance outcomes.

At the core, people long to partner with others at work who inspire, connect, engage, coach & develop (vs lead & manage), and take courageous action. In other words,  High Emotional Intelligence = High Engagement.  And yet, our current environments are hijacking our capacity for these skills.

If you’re compelled to truly live the mission of libraries – providing resources, community engagement, provoking curiosity, and support lifelong learning – and inspire the same in those you work with, the Mindful Leadership Bootcamp Series will serve as a strong foundation. You’ll gain knowledge and access to in-depth yet immediately actionable tools and frameworks to expand key leadership competencies while you create a customized blueprint that will inform your journey to creating a truly collaborative, fulfilling and sustainable environment.

One that will support the next level of library impact.

*Gallup developed State of the American Workplace using data collected from more than 195,600 U.S. employees via the Gallup Panel and Gallup Daily tracking in 2015 and 2016, and more than 31 million respondents through Gallup’s Q12 Client Database. First launched in 2010, this 2017-18 update is the third iteration of the report.

About Kym: Kym believes that living and leading with intention is paramount to creating the change our current times demand. She founded Pure Ambition following more than 2 decades leading teams to high performance in corporate operations, which included her team’s consistent improvement of the customer experience  during a decade of rapid growth: from $180M – $2B in revenues.  Her last ‘in-house’ stint involved birthing the Corporate Social Responsibility function for a $1B arm of that same food business. This role was the perfect confluence of her personal passion for a sustainable lifestyle, a significant appetite for connecting herself and others to greater purpose in their work, and finally a strong belief that teams and organizations have the most significant opportunity to positively impact our future, ultimately the impetus for starting Pure Ambition.

Kym’s clients most appreciate her warm, approachable style combined with an innate no-nonsense ability to cut through noise and uncertainty in service of co-creating a clear, simplistic and boundary pushing agenda, all in service of reaching the next level of IMPACT.