Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium join the Innovative Family


Innovative, part of Clarivate™, is pleased to announce that the Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium have selected Polaris as their new Integrated Library System, Vega Discover as their new discovery layer, Vega Program to manage events and room booking, Vega Promote for email marketing, and Innovative’s library analytics solution. 

The Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium, known as LMxAC, is a consortium of 42 libraries including Middlesex College Library and public libraries in Middlesex, Monmouth, and Union counties. By being part of a consortium, the libraries optimize their purchasing power to get the best solutions for member libraries, as well as sharing resources and expertise amongst members to provide world-class resources to their community members. Member libraries get access to 2.8 million items, including collections in Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Korean and Gujurati. Another service they provide is a consortium-wide calendar of events across the library members, which range from films and art appreciation to history lectures and craft and art classes. 

“We knew we were ready for a new system, and we wanted to explore options that included strong patron engagement and analytics tools to help our members make informed decisions for serving their communities. Innovative was able to provide an entire suite of products that worked well together,” said Eric Lozauskas, Executive Director of LMxAC. “Having an easy-to-use web-based staff client will help to simplify training while giving us flexibility to use tablets for outreach services and bookmobiles. We’re also excited about the room booking, event management and email marketing tools that will help our libraries promote the wealth of services they provide.” 

Polaris provides an intuitive web interface that brings the full power and functionality of the integrated library system (ILS) to the web browser. Polaris can be used on a computer or tablet, freeing staff to connect with patrons and complete tasks wherever it is most convenient—even outside the library walls.     

Vega Discoveris the responsive andaccessiblediscovery module of the Vega Library Experience (LX) suite of patron engagement tools. Vega LX is a cloud-based platform that allows library staff to easily communicate and manage a full range of materials, programs, and services.   

Vega LX works seamlessly with integrated library system (ILS) solutions Sierra and Polaris. To learn more about thePolaris ILSor the Vega LX platform,visit iii.comorcontact Innovative today.