Innovative Celebrates 7 Million+ Emails Sent via LX Starter


Innovative, part of Clarivate, is thrilled to announce a landmark achievement of our community: more than 7 million emails (with an exceptional 65% open rate) have been sent to library users through the Library Experience (LX) Starter suite.  

Since LX Starter’s launch less than a year ago, 120 Sierra and Polaris libraries have implemented this groundbreaking, integrative solution to automate and personalize patron notifications.  

“Email is not just a way for libraries to inform their patrons, but a way to inspire them,” said Vice President of Product Management at Innovative, Toni Minick. “By creating personalized and engaging emails that can be accessed anywhere, the library can better connect with their communities and showcase the value the library provides.”  

Integrated with our Vega Library Experience suite of solutions, libraries can easily feature resources and events as part of their email notices. LX Starter was developed specifically for libraries to embrace the modern standards of email design and delivery, while providing valuable engagement metrics and data to showcase library impact. 

“We found that our customers were turning to expensive alternative solutions that weren’t well integrated with the ILS to try to update the look of their notices,” Toni continued. “Email notifications are an essential part of our library management solutions. We created LX Starter to answer this growing need and to elevate our capabilities, simplifying the technology stack and reducing expenses for the library.” 

To learn more about LX Starter and how it can invigorate communications with your community, check out this fact sheet or register for our webinar. LX Starter is included with the subscription costs for the Sierra and Polaris integrated library systems.