Idea Lab Sheds Light on Game-Changing Analytics for Libraries


This year marks a major milestone in partnership between Innovative and the IUG as we joined forces to launch Idea Lab–a collaborative space for customer-driven innovation. Just three weeks after our first Challenge opened, we are thrilled to see more than 500 users of Innovative software from around the world working together to identify the best opportunities for new development and enhancements to ensure we deliver what matters most to our libraries.

The Leveraging Data Challenge is about how we might use data to improve library operations and services, and the results will inform the product roadmap for our Analytics initiative. With 83 ideas submitted, 452 comments added, and 1386 votes cast so far, there are some exciting options to consider.

We’re grateful to our Subject Matter Experts–a team of library customers and Innovative staff–for the work they are doing now to review the leading ideas against key criteria. Based on those evaluations, the strongest ideas will progress to the Prioritization phase, where any user from any Innovative customer library or consortium can use the Pairwise head-to-head voting process to help us where to focus our attention first. We will follow up with a formal Selection process and share results with participating users by the end of July.

If you haven’t contributed to the discussion already, there is still time to get involved–simply email your customer account representative for details on how to create an account on Idea Lab. Whether you join the Leveraging Data Challenge this week or some other Challenge in the coming months, please take advantage of this platform to make your voice heard. Idea Lab will ultimately replace all previous processes for requesting enhancements, and it is open to every Innovative customer, with no limit to the number of users from each library or consortium who participate.

Whether you are using Sierra, Polaris, Virtua, Millennium, INN-Reach, SkyRiver, or Vital, we invite you to share your creativity and your priorities with Innovative and your colleagues across the globe in Idea Lab.


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