Encore Release 4.6 SP3 Now Available with Improved Facets


Innovative recently launched updated discovery features in Encore Release 4.6 SP3. The release includes streamlined facet performance, automatic display of only facets with results, and Red Hat 7 support.

Encore Release 4.6 SP3 Features:

  • Automatically displays only facets with results. The facet menu on search results will now automatically display only facets with results and will automatically hide any facet that has zero related results. As users select multiple facets to refine their search, the menu will continually update to show only facets with related items.
  • Red Hat 7 Support. Encore is proud to announce support for Red Hat 7.

Available with Sierra Release 3.3 or Millennium Release 2014 SP5 (planned for later this year):

  • Encore Stability and Responsiveness. Improved Encore stability and responsiveness, and streamlined performance for facets, as part of continual developments focused on these areas.

For more detailed release notes, library partners can review the Encore Release 4.6 SP3 announcement in the Innovative Supportal.