Congratulations to Polaris Winners in the “All Together Now” Idea Lab Challenge!


Innovative Interfaces, part of Clarivate, is pleased to announce the Polaris winners of the “All Together Now” Idea Lab Challenge. Designed to focus on enhancements to bulk actions and record sets, this challenge had 17 ideas submitted and 77 pairs for voting.

The Winners

Submission: Select a range of records with shift/click [in record sets] — Lets you select a range of records by holding down the shift key on the keyboard while clicking with your mouse.

Inspired by: Idea submitted by Bill Harrison

Submission: Adhoc bulk change for item records [from find tool and bibliographic record] — Adds to Leap the ability to select several item records from a results list or linked to a bib record and apply a bulk change.

Inspired by: Idea submitted by Rachel Fischer

Submission: “Show all” option for record sets — Adds to Leap a ‘show all’ function to see all items in a record set without the need to scroll.

Inspired by: Idea submitted by Katie LeBlanc

“This challenge had a lot of excellent submissions,” said Samantha Quell, Polaris Product Manager. “This was a very active challenge for the Polaris community, so I am excited we were able to select multiple submissions from the top-ranked ideas. We have been testing out a new model for ‘show all’ in table views in Leap and it is great to see there is significant interest in adding that ability to record sets.”

Remember, submissions live on in Idea Lab and our Always Open Space never closes. If you submitted an enhancement that is still important to you or you’ve just discovered a development opportunity, the Always Open space provides a place to post that idea for any Polaris product.

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Thanks again to our wonderful Idea Lab Leadership team:

  • Sarah Frieldsmith, University of San Diego
  • Eleanor Crumblehulme, Saskatchewan Information Library Services Consortium
  • Kathy Setter, IFLS Library System

And special thanks to your moderators and expert reviewers:

  • Marian McCollum
  • Sara Scodius
  • Jessie Bach
  • Elaine Sloan
  • Paul Keith


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Happy Innovating!