Announcing the Winners of the Sierra “It Bugs Me” Idea Lab Challenge!


Hello Innovative Users!

Pairwise voting has concluded for the Sierra “It Bugs Me” Idea Lab challenge, and we have our winners!

Designed to gather small changes that could have a big impact, this challenge included 90 ideas and 528 pairs for voting.


The Winners 

SubmissionStatus Date Field in Item Records

Inspired by: Idea submitted by Phil Shirley


SubmissionView Patron Record from Holds Screen

Inspired by: Idea submitted by Eliza Richards


Submission:  Place Holds on Multiple Volumes in a Bib Record at the Same Time

Inspired by: Idea submitted by Tara Major


Submission:  Export a Table of User Permissions

Inspired by: Idea submitted by April Coulter


Submission:  Hidden Review File Management and Bulk Delete

Inspired by: Idea submitted by Mark James Strang


Proposed For: Sierra 2022 (TBD)


“Library staff members submitted a lot of great ideas as part of this challenge,” said Mike Dicus, Sierra Product Manager. “I’m glad to see the ‘It Bugs Me’ challenge theme gave customers a way to let us know about small changes that we can make in Sierra that will have a big impact on workflows and make the system easier to use.”

Remember, submissions live on in Idea Lab and our Always Open Space never closes. If you submitted an enhancement that is still important to you or you’ve just discovered a development opportunity, the Always Open space provides a place to post that idea for any Sierra product.

Visit the Innovative Idea Lab:

Thanks again to our wonderful Idea Lab Leadership team:

  • Jeremy Goldstein, Minuteman Library Network
  • Eleanor Crumblehulme, Saskatchewan Information Library Services Consortium
  • Cecilia Smiley, Lee County Library System
  • Maisam Nouh, The Ferguson Library
  • Kathy Setter, IFLS Library System

And special thanks to our moderators and expert reviewers:

  • Stephanie Kaceli
  • Laurie Shedrick
  • Sheryl VanderWagen
  • Sarah Frieldsmith
  • Kimberly Allen
  • Brandon Walker



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Happy Innovating!