Create an unparalleled patron experience with powerful access and discovery tools

Your library inspires, influences, and benefits the lives of individuals in your communities. Innovative’s products provide the foundation for your success with tools that are intuitive, allowing you to seamlessly share data and offer patrons a personalized and meaningful experience inside and outside your library walls.

With Innovative, you have a choice in the system that supports your work, and options for building that system into full-fledged solutions including discovery, digital resource management, resource sharing, and mobile apps. And our solutions are scalable and customizable, so they can accommodate most any library’s needs—from a single building in a small town to a multi-branch system serving an entire region.

Case Study: Illinois Heartland Library System Runs Largest North American Consortium on Polaris

In 2011, libraries in the state of Illinois were at a crossroads. Four regional library systems, representing four sets of consortia, were experiencing financial constraints despite the growing needs of member libraries and their patrons. After discussing how the four independent organizations could work together, their initial strategy focused on sharing resources at the administrative… Read more »

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