Case Study: Australian Research Library Migrates to Sierra ILS

Serving one of Australia’s leading research universities, The Australian National University Library holds more than 65 million physical and electronic resources. A member of the International Alliance of Research Universities, the ANU supports not only University students and faculty, but scholars around the world — meaning that the move from Millennium to Sierra needed to be meticulously researched, planned, and executed.

“We needed a more open and flexible system to meet evolving users needs, while responding to an imperative to become more interoperable with other campus systems.”
— Roxanne Missingham, University Librarian, and Mark Huppert, University Library Systems and Web Coordinator for the Australian National University Library

Download the case study to learn about ANU’s experience implementing Encore Discovery and Encore Duet:

  1. the library’s review of the quality and results of their implementation experience
  2. staff preparation prior to go-live day
  3. how the patron experience was managed
  4. how Innovative adapted to technical requirements


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