The Sierra Services Platform offers proven library workflow technology and complete resource management with the power and scale of open systems architecture. No other system today offers such a complete and integrated approach to library management automation.

key features

  • Staff capabilities in a web browser
  • Proven print and electronic resource management with fulfillment functionality
  • Integrated digital asset management capabilities
  • SQL-based database with Sierra DNA Documentation
  • APIs for integration with other applications
  • Updated staff user experience including facets, Web-style browsing, rich browse screens, and more
  • Mobile work-lists optimized for tablets
  • Management dashboard with complete picture of library operations
  • Staff-friendly, powerful management and reporting
  • Cloud-ready architecture and hosting options


Innovative understands that libraries exist in a complex ecosystem and the Library Services Platform must communicate with external systems—from vendors to accounting software to PC reservation—without staff intervention. The Sierra platform works for libraries of all sizes because we recognize the power of open system architecture with APIs and cloud optimization to ensure our system is open, scalable, and extensible for the future.

Staff workflows are now easier than ever. With Sierra tools accessible via a Web-based browser, library functions can be completed from any computer or mobile device, and you can access all of your workflows and functions in one place—you no longer need to launch multiple clients. The menu is role-based and customizable so each person will only see the functions appropriate to their tasks.

With Sierra, the library is OPEN.

Developer Network

The Sierra Developer Network Portal is now available! Sierra library developers have a place to call “home." The Portal gives developers easy access to API documentation, a sandbox for experimenting with APIs, tutorials, and online discussion forums where libraries can collaborate and share ideas and code. 

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