Polaris 7.0 Expands Cataloging in Leap and Automates Technical Services Workflows

EMERYVILLE, Calif. June 22, 2021 – Innovative, a ProQuest company and leading global provider of library software, has released Polaris 7.0 into general availability as part of continued efforts to improve the staff experience and ease of use in the Polaris Leap web interface. Polaris 7.0 introduces a significant expansion and reinvention of cataloging functionality in Polaris Leap and new automated workflows for Technical Services.

Expanding cataloging functionality in Leap is critical to enabling cataloging staff to be able to manage bibliographic data anytime, anywhere. New functionality includes MARC record import, MARC edit for bibliographic records, automatic authority control, creating bibliographic records, MARC validation and more. In addition, Leap offers staff the ability to easily increase font size through browser zoom, ensuring that whether staff are working from home, serving in the community, or just walking the stacks, they can easily adjust Polaris Leap to fit their needs.

To help improve the patron experience, Polaris 7.0 also includes automatic approval of patron address changes without waiting verification. The library can choose to opt-in to this setting, allowing patron address updates to be immediately applied to the patron record and visible to patrons in their account view. With this feature, patrons feel empowered to keep their account updated and receive confirmation when they make changes, and library staff save time from no longer managing address change request emails or removing blocks on patron accounts. This feature comes from Idea Lab, where libraries propose and vote on new features.

Looking ahead, Polaris 7.0 also includes new PAPI endpoints to facilitate automated purchase order creation, which is another feature from Idea Lab. Later this year, Baker and Taylor will be the first vendor to consume these endpoints within their TS360 product. Upon submission of a cart in TS360, the associated MARC records, purchase order and on-order item records will be generated in Polaris. The API response will include the required information for the vendor to process the order (e.g. via EDI), which means no action is required by technical services staff until invoicing.

Polaris product development is focused on continually improving both the staff and patron experience. Polaris Leap is a five-time winner in the Modern Library Awards for its premiere staff experience, which enables most library staff to complete their work within a portable web interface.

Detailed Polaris 7.0 release notes are available on the Supportal (login required) and include additional features for acquisitions in Leap.

Polaris customers interested in planning an upgrade should contact their Site Manager at 1-877-857-1978. Anyone interested in future developments for Polaris can view the roadmap online. To schedule a Polaris demo for your library, Contact Innovative.




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