Encore Discovery Solution

The Encore Discovery Solution brings the complete library experience into the light. With Encore, you’ll deliver fantastic search that brings anything you want to light – scholarly articles, books, local digital collections, and more. It’s simple enough for new library users, and deep enough to satisfy exacting researchers. Encore libraries also bring the living, breathing experience of the library to user, by offering fast and easy social networking, peer recommendations, and even a chat window for instant access to the library staff that make the library tick.

With Encore, nothing is left to the imagination, and nothing is hampered by search expertise. Encore libraries are known for putting the emphasis squarely on getting users what they need and making the library mission loud and clear.  Librarians know that they have “the good stuff.” Library users will know it from the very first search forward.

Key Features

  • Fantastic, single search results
  • APIs for extending functionality and easing workload
  • Any content- articles, books, eBooks, media
  • Social sharing integration
  • Full, real time Sierra integration
  • Content Pro integration
  • Encore with EBSCO Discovery Service option

Encore libraries take many forms, and are able to deliver exactly what they want in the way that they want it. Academic libraries often select EBSCO EDS integration to bring the best of scholarly research together with their local digital repository and books. Public libraries are able to deliver popular titles with a single search, and present real time downloads of ebooks using their favorite reading application or device. In fact, any kind of library – law, law school, and consortium - can bring in any kind of content to light while allowing users to immediately dig into the areas you are strongest in.

Being an Encore library means delivering the full the experience of the library—helpful, interactive, browsable, and rich with resources no other alternative can touch.

As an Encore library, you can achieve full integration with the Sierra Services Platform for deep indexing, local collection integration, and open architecture to make your user experience exactly what you want it to be.

Proven library workflow technology and complete resource management with the power and scale of open systems architecture.

The elegant, simple, and affordable way to make digital collections highly accessible to users.